PhD Candidate

Angus Henderson

Current research

I am looking into the drivers of whale abundance and distribution, and the spatio-temporal overlap between krill fishing and predator foraging behaviour, in the West Antarctic Peninsula.

What my project involves

Deploying qualified marine mammal observers on tourist vessels that visit Antarctica from Argentina and Chile each year. The advantage of this method is that we are able to for the first time gain within and between foraging season understanding of whale presence; something the current science efforts are not financially or logistically able to achieve.

Fun trivia about my research

Whales fertilise the water column with iron which stimulates more plants and more krill to eat, and when they die they sink to the bottom of the ocean, taking their carbon with them – climate heroes!

Research project in a haiku

got to go to sea
count whales and a cup of tea
that is all for me

Research-related interests

I enjoy understanding the processes that drive the research findings, discussing what how they fit into the broader context of knowledge.

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Favourite R function / resource / short-cut

Command + shift + M = pipe (%>%)