Adjunct Researcher

Dr Ben Arthur

Current research

My background is in animal movement ecology. While my current work focusses on marine science outreach and education across Australia.

What my project involves

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Research-related interests

My primary research interests lie in understanding the way in which the environment affects the distribution and behaviour of marine species. Of particular interest is the way in which animals interact with their environment at different spatial and temporal scales and the implications of this for management and conservation.

About me

A born and bred Hobartian I started working with MPred 15 years ago for my Honours degree. I actually studied shorebirds but got swept up inall of the Southern Ocean work that was going on around me and decided to follow suit and head south. I’m not very good at sitting around inside so I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors; either bushwalking, fly fishing, gardening or having fun at our family shack.

Previous work I've done

Selling newspapers and lotto tickets at News agencies! I’ve also had numerous research assistant, field biologist and science outreach roles across the University and Government sectors.

Committees and affiliations

Chair of the Tasmanian National Science Week Committee, Australian Antarctic Festival Steering Committee

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