PhD Candidate

Benjamin Viola

Current research

I am looking at Antarctic and sub-Antarctic seabird assemblages to determine how they use their habitat, and how projected changes in our climate will affect them.

What my project involves

My project will include the modelling of habitat suitability for a suite of free-flying seabirds. This will be in the context of historical, contemporary, and forthcoming systems. Shipboard seabird surveys, and remotely sensed (satellite) data will contribute to the analysis.

Fun trivia about my research

Snow Petrels (Pagodroma nivea) are kind of like skunks. They produce an oil in their stomachs which they defensively spray at would-be-predators.

Research project in a haiku

Antarctic seabirds
Gliding around feeding grounds
Then disappearing

Research-related interests

I am interested in vertebrate ecology and oceanographic processes.

About me

In my spare time, I enjoy snow sports, hiking, rock climbing, reading and birdwatching.

Previous work I've done

Committees and affiliations

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