PhD Candidate

Claire Mason


Current research

My PhD project explores the impacts of climate on shy albatross to help design climate adaptation strategies for their conservation.

What my project involves

Fun trivia about my research

Three rocky outcrops off the coast of Tasmania are the only places in the world where shy albatross come to land, they are Tassie’s very own species of albatross!

Research project in a haiku

Climate change is tough
Tasmanian albatross
Let’s think and plan now

Research-related interests

‍I am interested in conservation decision science and climate adaptation research. I want my research to support robust and pragmatic management and planning to conserve Australia’s biodiversity.

About me

‍I grew up in rural Queensland and then moved to Brisbane to study environmental science. My honours research project, at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at the University of Queensland, integrated over two decades of tracking data for shy albatross to increase return-on-investment and extract useful information for marine conservation and management.‍

Previous work I've done

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