PhD Candidate

Coline Marciau

Current research

My project is about Adélie penguins ecophysiology and behaviour. The ultimate aim is to identify relevant tools of population status to set/propose efficient conservation measures but at a shorter term, it will allow to gain understanding on penguins physiology and behaviour in relation to their performances (reproduction, foraging) and environment (physical but also human disturbance).

What my project involves

Fun trivia about my research

Adélie penguins are very funny guys to look at. I can remember some days when suddenly, one penguin target you from 10 meters and decide he is gonna put you down until he arrives just 1 meter from you and realise you are 3 times taller than him and attacking you was maybe not the best idea of the day.

Research project in a haiku

Research-related interests

I am particularly attracted by birds but I didn’t always work on birds and I would be happy to work on different models. I am interested in ecology in general (for example I worked during previous internships on matrix population models and niche modelling) but I generally like to focus on physiological questions.

About me

I am from France and I worked a lot with the CEBC team (Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé) where I did my first research internship on birds and thanks to who I went in Antarctica. Never add me on whatsapp, I love gifs way too much xD.

Previous work I've done

Firstly during my master and then for contracts, I worked for the Norwegian Polar Institute on birds (Auks) in Svalbard (Longyearbyan).After my master I overwintered in the french station Dumont D’Urville inAntarctica (as ornithologist) and went back there during the two following summers to work on a program focusing on penguins. Finally I worked 6 month with a Finnish research grant on the physiology of a passerine.

Committees and affiliations

I am board member of APECS France (Association for Polar Early CareerScientists) and CNFRA (French national committee for Arctic and Antarctic research).

Favourite R function / resource / short-cut

“#” so I can write to myself =)