Dr David Green

Current research

My project fits in the interface between Southern Ocean predators and their prey. I work with models that simulate the distribution and dynamics of mid-trophic organisms, show how these can be linked with predator variables such as distribution, behaviour as well as demographic parameters. At the same time, I am also involved in adapting prey models to represent specific species (such as Antarctic krill); to give us more power in investigating potential effects of fisheries on dependent predator populations.

What my project involves

Honestly, it really involves a lot of time in front of a computer screen! But I do get the occasional foray into the field to help others out with data collection.

Fun trivia about my research

Research project in a haiku

Model builder, I
Simulate predators’ prey
PhD me, please

Research-related interests

I have a general interest in marine predator foraging behaviour, but I’m finding myself increasingly interested in whole-of-ecosystem research, and the mind-blowing ways that different scientists approach problems of complexity and scale.

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The *apply functions