Honours Student

Demelza Wall

Current research

My project is looking at breeding phenology of Australian fur seals, and at body condition indices of pups at two breeding colonies in Tasmania.

What my project involves

Australian fur seals breed annually from late October to late December. Typically, they have bred in the Bass Strait, however, recently a breeding colony has established in Southwest Tasmania at the southern edge of their range.Following this, pup numbers have increased rapidly. Concurrently, an stablished breeding colony in the Bass Strait, Tenth Island, is experiencing a declining trend. My project involves investigating trends in, and comparing breeding phenology and pup body condition at these two colonies. I am also investigating pup body condition and breeding phenology in relation toenvironmental variables.

Fun trivia about my research

Research project in a haiku

Super cute seal pups
On awesome offshore islands
How are they going?

Research-related interests

About me

I’m from Fremantle, in WA, and moved to Hobart for my undergrad in Marine and Antarctic science at UTAS, which I finished last year. Personal interests are slalom paddling, snorkelling, bushwalking (pretty much anything outdoorsy...), and trying to crochet things without following instructions.

Previous work I've done

In my last year of undergrad I did a super cool research project on the winter distribution of Shy Albatross from Mewstone (their largest breeding colony), using unearthed data from 2006 that had been sitting collecting metaphorical dust in computer land.

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