Dr Jane Younger

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The common theme throughout my career has been understanding how environmental change effects biodiversity, by connecting environmental with population-level processes and large-scale patterns of diversification.

My current focus in the MPred Lab is on understanding the changing prevalence of pathogens and parasites in Southern Ocean seabirds and marine mammals under climate change. Most of my work involves using genomic monitoring tools to assess threats to marine predators. I also have ongoing work focused on eco-morphological evolution of seabirds.

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Prior to joining the MPred Lab in 2022, I was a Group Leader in the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath (UK). My team focused on understanding the impacts of climate change on seabirds, through an evolutionary lens. I have also held a Fellowship at the University of Oxford (UK) where I used genomics to examine the population structure of Southern Ocean penguin species. Prior to that I held a postdoctoral position at Loyola University Chicago (USA) and in affiliation with the Field Museum of Natural History, studying the evolution of Madagascar’s endemic avifauna. I completed my PhD in 2016 at IMAS, where I focused on the past impacts of climate change on Southern Ocean marine predators.

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