PhD Candidate

Javed Riaz

Current research

Adélie penguins as ecosystem indicators: foraging behaviour and habitat. Through this research project, we expect to further understand the movement behaviour and foraging strategies of Adélie penguins, and their relationship with oceanographic parameters and the regional prey-field. This is critical knowledge in order to highlight regional forage areas and predict likely impacts and responses under future krill harvesting and climate scenarios.

What my project involves

My PhD project involves analysing long-term satellite telemetry and dive data from Béchervaise Island in East Antarctica (anAustralian Antarctic Territory CEMP site monitored since 1990) to focus on thespecific interactions between Adélie penguin foraging movements and their marine and sea-ice environment.

Fun trivia about my research

Research project in a haiku

Adelie penguins
Diving and foraging
Among the sea ice

Research-related interests

Broadly speaking, I am passionate about pursuing research which furthers our understanding of Southern Ocean predator-prey relationships, and how these trophic interactions shape the structure and function of Southern Ocean ecosystems.

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