PhD Candidate

Milan Sojitra


Current research

The waters around southeast Australia and warming faster than global average and the Sothern Ocean and Antarctica are changing rapidly. Marine predators are indicator species, and they respond to these changes in their habitat. Our research will identify their response to climate change and predict changes in their demography in future. This knowledge is critical for species conservation and management.

What my project involves

My PhD project involves quantifying and predicting effects of extreme weather events on seabirds and marine mammals using long-term demographic data. This will help identify vulnerable populations to climate change and aid to their conservation and management strategies.

Fun trivia about my research

Southern Giant-Petrel were also known as stinker or stinkpot by old sealers.

Research project in a haiku

Research-related interests

I am interested in studying marine predators and their response to climate change. I want my research to aid to conserve and manage biodiversity.

About me

I grew up in rural Gujarat (India) and moved to Baroda to study BSc in Zoology and then moved to Port Blair to study MSc in Marine Biology.

Previous work I've done

As my dissertation project, I worked on whales and dugong sightings and strandings in the Andaman Sea, off Andaman and Nicobar Islands. While studying in India, I volunteered to many surveys working on butterflies, reptiles, birds, and mammals in various parts of India. I worked on decadal changes in the at-sea distribution and abundance of Black-browed and Light-mantled Sooty albatrosses in the Southern Ocean as part my master’s research from University of Tasmania.

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