PhD Candidate

Noémie Friscourt


Current research

My current project focuses on the trophic and foraging ecology of the Antarctic fur seals, using stable isotopes and trace metals.

What my project involves

10 years of data!!! The sampling collection of the whiskers took place on Marion Island in sub-Antarctic Indian ocean from 2008 to 2019. Asan archival tissue, the whiskers will help me to encode records of biochemical features (isotopes and trace metals) to infer temporal changes in foraging plasticity and physiological status during the period of tissue growth (several months to years).

Fun trivia about my research

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Research-related interests

I am very interested in polar science in general and science vulgarization.

About me

I am from France

Previous work I've done

I did a master in oceanography in Canada, in the Institute for marine science at Rimouski (part of the University of Québec at Rimouski).I studied the benthic food-web structure and resilience across the CanadianArctic and the Chukchi sea, using stable isotopes and ice-algae biomarker. Itis thanks to this project and my fieldwork in the Arctic ocean that I fell in love with polar environments!

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