PhD Candidate

Olly Dove


Current research

I’ll be looking into the foraging behaviour of little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters (with a guest appearance from fur seals)within the Storm Bay region here in south-east Tasmania, in order to investigate the possible effects of anthropogenic factors on their lifestyles.

What my project involves

Living on Wedge Island for up to five weeks at a time, which is fantastic so long as you don’t mind a lack of showers and an abundance of fleas.

Fun trivia about my research

Little penguins are the smallest, bluest, and (I would argue) the cutest of the penguins.

Research project in a haiku

Little penguins and
short-tailed shearwaters are
my favourite duo.

Research-related interests

Marine ecology for the broader and tricky taxonomic decisions for the personal.

About me

I’m from the U.K. and worked at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds before joining MPred.

Previous work I've done

I went to Madagascar to study parental care in plovers aspart of my Master’s degree, which was the deciding factor in wanting to pursue a scientific career.

Committees and affiliations

Favourite R function / resource / short-cut

I love a good clear out, so: rm()