PhD Candidate

Paige Green

Current research

Looking at resource partitioning between Eudyptes spp. (crested penguins) during their winter at-sea distributions.

What my project involves

Processing lots of geolocation tracks, collaborating with amazing researchers from around the world, learning on a steep curve, having fun using different analyses to tell a story.

Fun trivia about my research

Eudyptes penguins are the most diverse and wide spread of the penguin groups making them highly successful evolutionary adaptors.

Research project in a haiku

Winter is coming
Where do crested penguins go?
Many tracks to process

Research-related interests

Niche partitioning, foraging ecology, marine top predators

About me

I'm from South Africa

Previous work I've done

MSc on African penguins and Cape gannets, avifaunal husbandry, environmental consulting, field biologist, raptor monitoring for wind farms, seabird biologist on Marion Island for 13 months.

Committees and affiliations

BOTES (Bottom of the Earth Society)

Favourite R function / resource / short-cut

David Green