Masters Student

Yash Gimonkar

Current research

My current research is on killer whale depredation in the blue-eye trevalla commercial longline fisheries of south-east Australia. In simple terms, depredation can be defined as the complete or partial removal of caught fish from fishing gears by marine predators. During my master’s thesis, I had estimated the amount of blue-eye trevalla taken by killer whales in the same fisheries.

What my project involves

My current work involves the use of DSLR cameras to collect pictures of depredating killer whales for future photo identification studies, deploying underwater acoustic hydrophones to collect their vocalisations and to collect fishing data from a commercial fishing vessel (Fishing Vessel: Diana, Mures Fishing, Hobart).

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Research-related interests

My research interests include studying the behavioural ecology of higher-order and apex predators from the Southern Ocean. Since most of the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic islands are in remote locations, the mysteries surrounding the foraging strategies, spatial behaviour and phenology of marine predators makes me want to study them even more.

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